A mysterious disease began killing songbirds last spring, and despite scientists’ best efforts, they cannot identify the problem, which has abated in some states. 

Invasive, football-sized goldfish are turning up in lakes and waterways out-competing native species for food and choking ecosystems with voracious feeding that kicks up mud and sediment, leading to harmful algae blooms.

Don’t miss a rare opportunity to marvel at the numbers and diversity of moths on Fishers Island this Friday night July 17 from 9 p.m.-10 p.m. (and later!) outside the State Troopers barracks adjacent to the Parade Grounds.

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Deceptively festive, balloons–both mylar and “biodegradable” latex–pose a grave danger to marine life. Justine Kibbe Photo

Many people think of carpenter bees as nuisance insects that require extermination. In fact, these bees are important native pollinators.