Individual Tickets and Sponsorship Opportunities Available! Please join us July 15th to celebrate the work we are doing together to conserve and preserve Fishers Island.

Please join us with experts, Dr. Adam Mitchell from Tarleton State University, and the University of Delaware team, Emily Baisden and Will Almeida, Sunday, May 7, 8am—10:30am

This year was action-packed for the Fishers Island Conservancy. Thanks to your support, we focused on a wide variety of initiatives, starting with a successful spring Parade Grounds burn with the Fishers Island Fire Department, continuing through to our fall Migratory Bird Count. If you’re on-Island and haven’t yet checked out Ferry Park, please do. […]

To control invasive mugwort (pictured above), mow from summer to mid-September. Mowing after seed has matured in mid-fall is not recommended.

FIConservancy Honors Ellen H. Kelly and Carol Giles at Sunset on the Beach.

Join the movement to keep our shoreline clean!

The Fishers Island Conservancy is pleased to have been a part of the Fishers Island Ferry District’s new berm project at Silver Eel Cove.