Coyote Trek

*single tracking westward

From the Field, Video Snippet, Justine Kibbe, December 4, 2018

Coyote tracks along Dock Beach

It’s been a month of some single digit temperature’s – lowest dipping in a century. Snow has blanketed Fishers Island, but really only relatively lightly. The sense of heaviness though, that pull of hibernation when the dull grays of cloud, sand, and sea-smoke hover low; does await some sort of silver lining.

Wait though, a burst of light in a single second announcing daybreak south side off Isabella. Nature has a way of infusing even the slightest passion into drab. Winter’s darkness often leads me into starkness-subtle change in the environment becomes blunt.

As I jot observations of a marked increase clearly evident (to me) since 2012 of Slipper Snail shells on Chocomount and Big Club Beaches – I laugh to myself:

“Could the cause be winter doldrums?” I ask.

And like those light and unpredictable winds, thought and focus changes.

It’s getting late now, and dusk and a full lunar eclipse will try to overshadow.

Coyote’s path along Dock beach reminds me to keep a “one track mind”.

Nature’s wonders, even during the monotony of a winter still persist.

– Field Note by Justine Kibbe January 31, 2018


Monday October 15@4:45pm: Hungry Point on the Island’s northern side is a major haul-out location for Harbor seals from Fall till late spring time. This year the seals arrived earlier than last and were observed basking in the sun’s warmth mid September.

I count 88 seals this evening. Coyote tracks are noted going westward along the small beach.


Friday August 24 @ 12:25 pm: Observed first Coyote on back dirt road by Burr Residence. Very wolf like about 75lbs.Stopped in middle of  the dirt road, had eye contact and returned to bushes on left. No doubt the noon whistle disturbed a summer’s nap in time for lunch