She tried to stand her ground when scrublands were swept over by hurricane wind and wave.

Her coastline cliffs are tired and worn with erosion.

Her sands bear the heavy burden of rocks and wood.

She will shore up.

Majestic Isabella


Monday November 5: Isabella Beach close to 3:00pm: Dozens of migrating Robins swoop among the last of the berry bushes as the Cardinals, Chickadees and Jays arrive in this neighborhood.  There is hardly a wavelet on this peaceful day. I take a long look at remnants of Hurricane “Sandy”. There is tons of driftwood. Huge trees and trunks, mangled roots and limbs, telephone poles, pilings and shredded docks line the upper most part of Isabella. There is a gigantic assortment of rubbish from A-Z. Shotgun shells, treated wood frames, plastic toys (doll appendages on every shore!) cigarette lighters, tires, fencing, plastic flower pots, basket ball, tennis balls, golf balls, shoes…..No cactus remains here, plenty of pine cones.

My senses are a bit overwhelmed at the enormity of change that has occurred on the beaches of Fishers Island during the aftermath of this hurricane. Mostly because I have been out and about exploring and monitoring them weekly (sometimes daily) over the last year and a half. Like someone ferociously shook the “Etch o Sketch” picture…. 

South Beach @ 1:30pm -2:45pm: I am noting that in the past it normally took a half hour or so to walk and monitor this beach site. This afternoon I have spent over an hour just surveying the enormous mass of the debris field.  I note tons of trash, lumber, and seaweed. There is an endless mass of tiny plastic particles and Styrofoam. Plastic everything from cigar holders to tampon applicators, bottles to kid’s toys and lawn furniture, crib toys, shoes, highway signage, commercial fishing gear, tires from tractors and cars, an ice machine! Hundreds of golf balls, even interestingly enough- cactus plant remains along the tidal line. I spot familiar coyote tracks along with the 4 neighborhood crows. There is hardly a breeze today. Quiet.

Hay Harbor @ 4:45pm: The tide is low and there is a calm breeze over the Island. I notice that part of the old dock has been uplifted and washed away-its foundation visible. The tidal line and debris stretches towards the lower parking lot. While there appears to be drastic change in the coastal topography for this season, I sense the wildlife community has taken “Sandy” all in stride…2 Blue Herons continue to argue for their territorial rights with the Cormorant flock out on the rock “clumps”. A lone Coyote leaves tracks along the inner harbor sands, the ferry (back on schedule) heads for New London

Chocomount Beach @ 1:21pm: The path towards the beach shows signs of a previous tidal surge furiously pounding towards the parking lot area. The pond on the western end has breached- tons of rocks have been sucked back towards the sea.

Isabella Beach @ 12:15pm: The ocean waters here on the South side are green, brownish red and black. Despite the outgoing tide the wild surf and washed out sands make for an unrecognizable beachscape.