Justine Kibbe, Island Naturalist

Justine Kibbe. Vincent Scarano Photo

A Fond Farewell to Justine Kibbe, FIConservancy Naturalist

Justine Kibbe lived on Fishers Island from 2012-2019, most of that time as FIConservancy’s naturalist. We said a fond farewell to Justine in October, 2019, when she left Fishers Island.

Through photosvideos and the written word, Justine recorded nature as it unfolded on Fishers Island, season by season. She was FIConservancy’s treasure.

“Justine has been the eyes and ears of FIConservancy,” said Tom Sargent, president. “Her beautiful pictures and thoughtful observations have greatly helped us in our ongoing effort to bring nature closer to the heart of the Fishers Island community.”

Connecting with the environment and becoming familiar with its rhythm and verse is just one of Justine’s many gifts. She not only monitored weather, tides, local wildlife species, migratory birds, and the health of seaweed and seagrass, but she also cared deeply about preservation and sharing knowledge.

Justine created “Sanctuary of Sands” on South Beach, which has become a secure home for returning shorebirds. In 2013, she founded the Island Sentinel program where she coached students in the art and responsibility of observation. She also served on the Fishers Island Seagrass Management (FISM) Coalition.

Justine will be missed by the entire Fishers Island community. We wish her the best of luck in all future endeavors!

In 2013 The Day has published a feature on Justine’s work for the Conservancy, complete with video.