Bird watchers scan the skies looking for birds to include in the biannual migratory bird count on Fishers Island.

Join us for our 2023 Fall Migratory Bird Count alongside our University of Delaware experts, Emily Baisden and Will Almeida. 

Event Details: 

What: FIConservancy 2023 Fall Migratory Bird Count

When: Sunday, October 1, 2023 @ 8:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

Where: Meet at Fishers Island Community Center

Make sure to bring your binoculars!

Following Audubon bird count rules, birders will make 15 five-minute stops from West End to East End. At each timed stop, birders count birds and call out what they see.

The outcomes from these bird counts play a crucial role in assisting scientists and conservation groups in mapping bird populations. Furthermore, they provide valuable insights into the distribution and frequency of various bird species within our local environment.

Plastic in the water, on the land and IN you! Fighting pollution on Fishers Island and Beyond

Event Details: 

Date: October 8th

Time: 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM 

Place: In-person at the Museum, 2nd Floor and virtual via Zoom

Category: Illustrated Talk


Plastic pollution is a bad neighbor. As plastic breaks up into microplastics it disperses into the environment. Researchers are finding plastic particles almost everywhere they look, including inside the human body.

What are the impacts of these plastics, and what can we do to stop them?  

Join Dr. Megan J. Wolff, MPH, policy director at Beyond Plastics, as she talks about what individuals can do to reduce their consumption and exposure to plastics as well as discuss the exciting legislative initiatives underway in the state of New York aimed at significantly reducing plastic  pollution.

Michele Klimczak, our Coastal Debris Coordinator at the Fishers Island Conservancy, will also be presenting an overview of the extensive repercussions of plastic pollution on the island, offering a localized perspective to complement the presentation by Dr. Megan J. Wolff.

*To secure your spot, please reach out to us at 631-788-7239 or send an email to Virtual attendance does not require prior registration.