Young Osprey in West Harbor:

This nest is slow to vacate, while most Osprey
have fledged, hopefully returning to the Island next March.

From the Field, Video Snippet by Justine Kibbe, Sept. 12, 2018

This dramatic image of a red-tailed hawk with its prey, a mink, is proof of the existence of minks on Fishers Island. The mink population here is described as “vibrant”.

osprey cam

The Fishers Island Conservancy is pleased to announce that the first recipient of a Conservancy 25th Anniversary Grant, the Osprey Cam Project, has launched!

In February 2012, the Conservancy Board unanimously voted to make a grant to the H. L. Ferguson Museum to fully fund the costs of establishing the Osprey Cam.

Many thanks go to the work of our Grant Program Committee, to the Board’s support of the Grant Program and to donors to our 25th Anniversary Grant Fund.

We all now have web access to a special view on the nesting activities of Fishers Island ospreys.

The Osprey Cam can be viewed live here.