The 25th Anniversary Grant Fund

The 25th Anniversary Grant Fund was founded in 2011 in celebration of the Conservancy’s 25 years of preserving and protecting the environment of Fishers Island. The Conservancy board created the philanthropic fund from the proceeds of its 25th Anniversary Party to catalyze innovative and creative solutions to issues affecting the Island’s environment.

Selected projects will receive grants of up to $15,000. The scope of the projects and their overall merit, as well as the number of applicants, will determine the size of the grant awards.

What We Fund:
The Core Funding Areas below help guide our grant making as we work with the Conservancy’s board and scientists, researchers, educators and leaders. Our Core Funding Areas cover the full range of the Conservancy’s program activities. These are not exclusive to other proposed ideas, but give potential applicants a general understanding of the sort of activities that the Conservancy supports. New, proposed activities could expand on or augment existing programs, or could venture into new territory.

Marine & Freshwater Ecosystems

  • Marine and fresh water quality monitoring
  • Residential septic system maintenance advising
  • Pump-out services
  • Beach cleanup aimed at removing marine litter on beaches, waterways, roadsides

Forest Health Management

  • Environmental gardening and invasive species management helps preserve healthy forests that provide shade, food and water for wildlife and supports biodiversity.

Grassland and Wildlife Habitat Management

  • Grassland and wildlife habitat management preserves wildlife habitats of grasslands and supports biodiversity and wildlife.

Wetland Management

  • Phragmites pilot program—Invasive Species Control

Environmental Education & Awareness

  • Nature Days
  • Fishers Island School, Horning Grant, Science Contest
  • Promotion of recycling program through beach clean-up and other educational initiatives
  • Island Sentinels
  • Atukan Akun – After-School Program at F.I. School
  • FIConservancy Naturalist

Environment & Human Health

  • Mosquito Control Program