Sunday Sept 24th @ 8am. Come join a lead team of expert birders from University of Delaware take tally of bird species from several point-to-point spots west end to east end.

Nature Days

Wednesday, August 9 through Sunday, August 13
Join us for a week of conservation and preservation activities including music, tours, movie screenings, round table discussions, paint & sip, field lessons with experts and much more!


By Melinda Wenner Moyer – a science writer based in Cold Spring, New York, and is Slate’s parenting advice columnist. The ticks have arrived. So many, so tiny, so hungry. Friends from New York to Wisconsin are freaking out, pulling ticks off themselves daily, asking me how to keep these blood-sucking, disease-spreading menaces away. They […]

The Fishers Island Conservancy has had another wonderfully busy year. The Conservancy increased funding for our existing programs and took on new responsibilities with dedicated vigor, all the while maintaining our mission and promise to protect and enhance the natural environment of Fishers Island. We have continued to grow and expand in our core competencies […]

In April, we wrote about Mike Bottini’s river otter survey on fishers Island. A Conservancy grant funded the survey of river otters on Fishers Island, which included FI School 9th graders and members of the Island community. Shortly following board approval of their proposal, Mike Bottini and a team of three other wildlife biologists visited […]

River Otter USFWS Chris Paul

The FI Conservancy Board voted March 9 to fund work under four new grants. The first grant will fund planting of native trees in the FI Cemeteries. Another grant will support Justine Kibbe in her work as our island naturalist for another six months. The board also approved a second proposal by Justine and the […]

By Guest Naturalist Mike Bottini In late March, 2013, three colleagues and I arrived on Fishers Island to survey for river otter (Lontra canadensis) – thanks to a grant from the Fishers Island Conservancy. You may wonder, as many have asked, “Why look for river otters on an island that has no rivers?” As is […]

2012 has been a fantastic year for the Fishers Island Conservancy. The Conservancy has continued to fund and expand our existing programs while taking on several bold new initiatives thus further expanding our mission. While we continue our core responsibilities of mosquito control, beach monitoring and clean up, water testing on and around the island, […]