Tribe Stewardship

Tribe Stewardship

PlPlease HELP remove the painted red rock Grafitti from South Beach, Fishers Island-Make the Message “Clear” For Island Stewardship!

A special thanks to Mason Horn, who provided the wire rock cage for collection and my Tribe at school for creating the laminated sign, and to Jim Ski who has offered to crush the rocks.

**Eastern tip of runway-Sanctuary of Sands.

– Audio Clip by Justine Kibbe June 5, 2018.


John Peishoff

John Peishoff's 889th Lobster Pot

– Audio Chat by Justine Kibbe October 1, 2017.

I chat with lifelong Islander John Peishoff about the necessity and importance of Fishers Island Stewardship. To date, he’s picked-up, hauled, and taken to the dump 889 wire Lobster pots-line them together; that’s over a half mile!

Stewards rescue juvenile herring gull

So grateful to get a knock on my door to hear about how two of my neighbors rescued a juvenile herring gull struggling with a hook stuck in it’s mouth.

– Justine Kibbe September 30, 2017

Autumn Bird Survey

Autumn Bird Survey

Out in the field I caught up with Conservancy’s Autumn Bird Migration Survey and chatted with birds of a feather Adam Mitchell & Will Almeida; discovering 48 bird species in a day that depend on our Island’s healthy native habitat.

– Audio Chat by Justine Kibbe September 24, 2017

In the photo, the group obsessed over a variety of bird called a brown thrasher.
Photo by: A. Sargent

Students out in the field observe the rhythm of nature on Fishers Island.

–  Justine Kibbe with FI School Teacher Jen Burns