Spotted Sandpiper

Along the dune grasses south side of Elizabeth Field airport, a rarely sighted Spotted Sandpiper perches above its nesting grounds this quiet summer eve on Fishers Island.

– A Snippet from The Field by Justine Kibbe August 17, 2017.

Blue Bird

A female Eastern Bluebird feeds (this time looks like a spider for dinner) her brood on Fishers Island. Happy news! Bluebirds documented throughout winter 2017, it appears some have decided to call here “home”.

Piping Plover Eggs

Treasured nest and eggs found along Conservancy’s Sanctuary of Sands, parallel Elizabeth Field Runway. Please tread respectfully, leash all dogs, and take pride in our Island’s unique environment and wildlife.

father bluebird

– A Snippet from The Field by Justine Kibbe May 15, 2017.

Male Eastern Bluebird serves up Mother’s Day dinner for mate and brood here in a peaceful meadow, eastern Fishers Island.

gray seal

I received word from Bruce Hubert’s Crew of a Gray Seal pup north side up east-documented, and actively in touch with Mystic Aquarium Stranding Network-so grateful for Island Community “keeping watch” – its Fishers Island stewardship!

Slow & Steady Wins The Race

Springtime on Fishers Island brings us ALL out of our shells! Please drive with awareness – Don’t Speed -and enjoy our Turtles even at a snail’s pace!

– A Snippet from The Field by Justine Kibbe April 14, 2017.

Raven Spirit Returns

Ravens fly westward to My Neck of the Woods, Fishers Island! Familiar with their Autumnal magic up east at Big Club, I am in awe this breezy spring morn as we meet again – invited into their world of twig collecting and nest building.

– A Snippet from The Field by Justine Kibbe April 12, 2017.

Earthday EVERYday

Or so it should be. Stewardship on Fishers Island should be a constant – Marine Debris certainly is.

Sitting Amongst My Peeps

– A Snippet from The Field by Justine Kibbe April 6, 2017.

Spring Peeper Frogs serenade Islanders along Fort Stretch – Parade Grounds, Fishers Island.

And A River Otter Runs Through It

With tips from Community members, Island Naturalist finally meets River Otter in our unsuspected Duck Pond.