As we bid farewell to another remarkable year, we reflect on the accomplishments and contributions of the Fishers Island Conservancy Sentinels during the 2023 season. These sentinels dedication and passion have made a significant impact on the conservation efforts across our beautiful island.

Collecting Data and Monitoring Sites:

This summer, 11 sentinels diligently monitored Fishers Island Conservancy sites across eleven transect locations. These sites, chosen for their ecological significance, include Silver Eel Cove, Race Rock Point, South Beach, Hay Harbor, Dock Beach, Isabella Beach, Middle Farms, Chocomount Beach, Big Club Beach, East Harbor, and Hungry Point.

Click here to access an infographic showcasing the Annual Overview of iNaturalist Fishers Island Biodiversity and the 2023 Sentinel Research.

Collaboration with Fishers Island Seagrass Coalition:

Our sentinels joined forces with the Ferguson Museum for the Fishers Island Seagrass Coalition, actively participating in Marine Protected Area transects. By collecting vital data, our sentinels played a crucial role in supporting the efforts to understand and protect seagrass ecosystems around Fishers Island. Additionally, we assisted in conducting thorough water testing initiatives across the island. This collaborative effort contributes to the ongoing commitment to preserving the delicate balance of our marine environment.

Alexa, one of our dedicated sentinels, completing an MPA transect.
Photo by Anna White

Island Sentinel director Stephanie Hall and Intern Anna collecting water samples for FISM
Photo by Hannah Vagts

Virtual Tour of John Thatcher Native Garden:

Our intern, Anna White, along with our sentinels, brought the John Thatcher Native Garden to life with a captivating virtual tour, now available on our website for all to enjoy. This immersive experience allows us to appreciate and learn about the diverse flora within this cherished space.

Click here to view the John Thatcher Native Garden Virtual Tour!

Nature Days, Sentinel Contributions, and Community Outreach:

Our sentinels contributed to the success of Nature Days under the guidance of our Executive Director, Kristen Peterson. Their enthusiastic involvement added valuable insights and hands-on experiences to these engaging events, fostering a deeper connection between our community and the natural world.

In addition to Nature Days, our sentinels participated in the Island People Project (IPP) craft fairs, where the Fishers Island Conservancy had a dedicated booth. Here, the sentinels contributed to community education by sharing insights into conservation efforts, offering information about our initiatives, and selling merchandise to support our mission.

Michele, Nick and Anna volunteering at IPP craft fair. Photo by IPP

Island Sentinel director Stephanie Hall along with a few of our amazing sentinels volunteering at Nature Days.
Photo by Hannah Vagts

A Sentinel-Based Study, Assessing Summer 2023 Avian Populations:

Intern Anna White, in collaboration with our dedicated sentinels, created a comprehensive study tracking avian populations throughout the summer of 2023. This collaborative effort provides invaluable insights into the dynamic avian communities on Fishers Island, contributing significantly to our understanding of local birdlife.

Click here to read our report!

As we wrap up this successful year, we extend our gratitude to the entire Fishers Island Conservancy community for your unwavering support.

Your commitment to conservation and the preservation of our island’s natural beauty inspires us all. We look forward to another year of impactful initiatives and collaboration in 2024.