Summer Internship Opportunity

Island Sentinels, founded in 2014
A Fishers Island Conservancy Program

Sentinels are the eyes and ears of FI Conservancy
on Fishers Island


Love of the outdoors and passion for the environment and environmental conservation.


Monitor multiple sites across the Island and record field observations through data collection and photographs. Work in John Thatcher Native Garden. Upload digital photos to iNaturalist Fishers Island Atlas of Life Project. Participate in weekly meetings, sharing ideas, observations, and experiences in the field with other Sentinels.


Being part of a team working to improve the environment, studying and carefully observing the coastline of Fishers Island, contributing to biodiversity by working in John Thatcher Native Garden under expert supervision, adding to 9000 observations recorded by Island Sentinels, contributing photos to and learning about iNaturalist, an international citizen science effort, which has attracted millions of observations of flora and fauna.

Application Deadline: June 1, 2021

Interested applicants should provide a statement about why they are interested in becoming a member of the Island Sentinels team.

For more information and to send an application statement:

Email Stephanie Hall, Island Sentinel director:

Program Director: Stephanie Hall, molecular biologist
Program Advisor: Marina Caillaud Danforth, plant/insect geneticist

2020 Island Sentinels (l-r) Caroline Toldo, Nicolas Hall, Izzie Reid, Wilson Thors, Gardner Thors, Betsy Conger, and Alexa Rosenberg. Stephanie Hall Photo