Common Buckeye Butterfly

The Common Buckeye Butterfly is another beautiful pollinator, in addition to the Monarch Butterfly, drawn to goldenrod in late summer. Dr. Adam Mitchell* had this to say about the butterfly:

“Very nice shot! That’s a common buckeye butterfly. Their caterpillars feed on geraniums, toadflax, plantains and wild petunias. But as you can see, the adults love a good nectar source!

What’s interesting about this species is that they are are residents of the southern U.S. and migrate north to New England to breed. The population will migrate south in the fall, where they overwinter. (They remain active year-round south of the Carolinas).

*Adam B. Mitchell, Ph.D. is Asst. Professor of Entomology, Dept. of Wildlife, Sustainability, and Ecosystem Sciences, Tarleton State University,
a member of the Texas A&M University System

Justine Kibbe Photo