Best Summer Stewardship for Least Tern Shorebirds!

Thank you to our caring and watchful community! With the help of your stewardship, several species of shorebirds are once again thriving on Fishers Island.

This month, two more least tern chicks successfully hatched and were fed by parents within Sanctuary of Sands, parallel to Elizabeth Field runway. This brings that family of least terns (two pair & one single) to a total of seven birds.

On behalf of FIConservancy, I would like to personally thank every Island resident and visitor who continues to leash dogs and dispose of trash properly within this wonderfully healthy and abundant marine ecosystem that provides critical habitat for our returning shorebirds—now in increasing “numbers” for a tiny island!

With gratitude,

Justine Kibbe, FIConservancy Naturalist

From the Field, Field Note by Justine Kibbe, Aug. 26, 2019