Eider Duck Reunion Summer 2019

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There are several quiet coves on the western end of Fishers Island where Eider Ducks feel quite at home and appear to be thriving this July.

I often think of our late Island Naturalist Edwin Horning’s sightings and field observations. Between 1970-75, he witnessed only eight ducks at Race Point, and only during winter months. But now I see how this diving sea duck, once thought of as a “rare” visitor from the northern tundra, has truly acclimated to climate and available healthy habitat.

This summer, you’ll see Eider Duck families nestled below the cliffs near the Naval radar station south side, or foraging just outside Silver Eel Cove’s ferry slip (Little Stony) and preening in the sultry air on beaches of Sanctuary of Sands.

From the Field, Field Note by Justine Kibbe, July 26, 2019