This is the time of year when I always look forward to the Conservancy’s Spring Migration Bird Count (May 19). A point to point, west to east survey of all the unique bird species Fishers Island habitat attracts and welcomes “home” each season.

I’ve learned so much touring the Parade Grounds with Dr. Adam Mitchell (entomologist) and the birding team. I’ve asked tons of questions about insects, birds and habitat, all of which have helped me “discover” the Island as a Naturalist.

Yesterday, I was heading out the door with camera in hand, trying to catch up with Barred owl’s evening hoots, when I was met by this inquisitive, woodsy visitor all plump and puffed with cinnamon down. This lovely bird was unfamiliar to me; so I was equally curious…

The bird is a veery: a small forest thrush whose name denotes its ethereal and reedy song “vrdi vrreed vreed vreer vreer”.

From the Field, Field Note, Justine Kibbe, May 5, 2019