Curtail Invasives

Mile a minute weed by Leslie J. Mehrhoff

Mile-A-Minute Weed (Persicaria perfoliata). Photo by Leslie J. Mehrhoff, University of Connecticut,

1. Learn to recognize our most threatening plant pests.

It is much easier to eliminate invasive species when the density is limited.

2. When landscaping, use native species or non-invasive ornamentals appropriate for coastal habitats.

3. Be careful not to send or receive potentially harmful plants through the mail.

Use mail-order services wisely.

4. Attempt to minimize land disturbance and exposure of soils.

These activities increase an area’s vulnerability to exotic plant invasions.

5. Never release aquarium plants into waterbodies.

Popular aquarium plants such as Eurasion watermilfoil and Brazilian elodea are choking many of the country’s waterways and reservoirs.

6. Spread the word.

Educate yourself and others about the problem of non-native, invasive plant species.