Fishers Island School

In 2016, the 3rd and 4th graders have been given the opportunity to take part in monitoring Silver Eel Cove. They have been able to work in concert with Carl Scroxton, Christina Frazier and Justine who collects data and natural history for the Fishers Island Conservancy.

Each student has their own journal where they are enabled to record their observations during their time at Silver Eel Cove through prose, poetry, charts, graphs or pictures. Early on it was a challenge to sit still, quiet voices and record; however, as the connections with one another, with this place, and within our own selves have deepened, the process of reading the Island is now becoming a habit of mind.

Throughout the school year, the 3rd and 4th graders have been monitoring both Silver Eel Cove and the Parade Ground. Their observations have been recorded in their science journals.

Here are some of the Tribe’s thoughts regarding their time outside in the open air:

“At Silver Eel Cove we got to see creatures grow and watch the environment. We saw the seasons and we witnessed cold, warm, windy, cool, and hot day.”
– Christina Toldo

Silver eel cove is the best place to see fish and sea gulls and our favorite sea gull is local gull. He stays at Justine’s house. He always waits for her and she feeds local gull. And there are three crows that follow her too.

“Parade ground is a good place to find caterpillars and lots of cool things. And sometimes it is quiet but sometimes it’s not.”
– Madison Lusker

“Silver Eel Cove is crawling with wildlife. It is home to a lot of Eel Grass, crabs, minnows, and Horse Shoe Crabs. Once two crabs started to fight each other by pinching, ramming, and jumping on the other.”
– Jax Bentely Murray

“My time outside at Silver eel cove and the parade grounds is peaceful and calm. When I am quiet and still, I can hear many sounds of nature. Such as birds, the ocean coming up against the rocks and many more. Sometimes I see wildlife in the ocean. I enjoy my time at Silver eel cove and the parade grounds.”
– Elizabeth Grace Bloethe

“What I think about silver eel is it is a nice place to be calm and peaceful and quiet. So we can hear the birds. You can get all your stress out.”
– Jayson Krysiewicz

“I like to see all of the beautiful birds as an example the Pheasants or the Barn Swallows. I like seeing all the Bunnies and the Horseshoe crabs at the Silver Eel Fidco dock.”
– Benjamin Edwards

“When I am observing silver eel cove I feel calm because I know I am safe. At the parade grounds I feel somewhat free because of all the open space.”
– Kloe Scroxton

“I like monitoring at silver eel cove and the parade grounds, because I love being out side and observing all new places and old places! The fun thing is that we all get to be together and have fun outside! Justine, Christina, Carl, and the class! This year has been great! The outdoors are so fun to be in and I hope I can get outside next year too!”
– Olivia Planeta