Marine Debris September 2023


Total lbs = 627 / Total hours = 119
~ Michele Klimczak

9/1/2023S3Chocomount end to end 435.5
9/4/2023S2Isabella end to end 526
9/5/2023N1Airport,Ordnance,Silver Eel Cove,Ltl Stony286
9/6/2023E4Wreck Island, Money Pond & Latimer Light447.5
9/8/2023N5E. Harbor, Hungry Pt., Chocomount Cove 398.5
9/9/2023N6Clay Pt. Rd.,Dock beach, N. Hill beaches296
9/11/2023S2Race,Sanct. of Sands, S. beach, Wilderness Pt337
9/12/2023S3Chocomount & Before Big Club beach 487.5
9/14/2023N1Airport,Ordnance,Slvr Eel Cove, Ltl. Stony326.5
9/15/2023N5E. Harbor, Hungry Pt. Chocomount Cove 417
9/19/2023N1Airport,Ordnance,Silver Eel Cove, Ltl. Stony286
9/21/2023S2Isabella & Wildreness Point277
9/22/2023S3Chocomount & beach before Big Club316.5
9/26/2023N1Airport,Ordnance, Silver Eel Cove, Ltl Stony247
9/28/2023N6N. Hill, Dock beach, Clay Pt. Rd. beaches316.5
9/29/2023S2Race, Sanct. of Sands, S. beach, Wilderness Pt. 367

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