Marine Debris March 2024


Total lbs = 814  / Total hours = 119
~ Michele Klimczak

03/01/2024N1Little Stony, Silver Eel cove, Ferry Park, Ordnance, Airport beaches, Hay Harbor beaches488
03/03/2024S2The Race, Sanct. of Sands, S. Beach306
03/04/2024S2Wilderness Point beaches and Isabella beaches567
03/06/2024S3Beach before Big Club & Chocomount beaches527
03/07/2024E4Beaches behind Money Pond and Latimer Light beaches487
03/08/2024N5East Harbor beaches through Hungry Point beaches497.5
03/09/2024N6Dock beach to beginning of North Hill beaches213
03/10/2024N5Chocomount Cove beaches324
03/12/2024N6Clay Point Road beaches296
03/13/2024N6North Hill beaches497
03/14/2024N1Hay Harbor beaches, Little Stony, Silver Eel Cove, Ferry Park, Ordnance, Airport beaches457
03/15/2024S2Race Rock beaches, Sanctuary of the Sands to South beaches387
03/16/2024S2Wilderness Point beaches435
03/17/2024S2Isabella beaches356
03/18/2024S3The Race, Sanct. of the Sands, S. BeachesChocomount beaches to beaches before the Big Club467
03/19/2024E4Beaches over golf course and behind Money Pond627
03/20/2024E4Latimer Light beaches446
03/22/2024N5East Harbor beaches through Hungry Point beaches486.5
03/24/2024N5Chocomount Cove beaches395

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