Marine Debris July 2023


Total lbs = 854 / Total hours = 144.5
~ Michele Klimczak

7/1/2023N5North Hill to South Dumpling to Dock Beach388
7/3/2023N1Airport to Ordinance to Silver Eel Cover347.5
7/4/2023S2Race to Sanctuary of the Sands to South Beach589.5
7/6/2023S2Isabella Beach End to End368
7/7/2023S3Chocomount end to end; Beach before Beach Club428.5
7/8/2023No ZoneCraft Fair (Pickup,Setup,Sell,Breakdown) 08.5
7/10/2023E4Behind Money Pond727.5
7/11/2023E4All of Latimer Light Beaches588.5
7/13/2023N5East Harbor; Hungry Point Chocomount Cove478.5
7/14/2023N6Clay Point Beaches; Dock Beach; South Dumpling498.5
7/16/2023N1Airport to Ordinance to Silver Eel Cover to Little Stony; past Holiday House538
7/17/2023S2Race to Sanctuary of the Sands to South Beach449
7/18/2023E4Behind Money Pond758
7/21/2023S3Chocomount Beach before Beach Club649
7/22/2023S2Wilderness Point to Isabella387
7/24/2023N5East Harbor; Hungry Point Chocomount Cove586
7/28/2023E4All of Latimer Light Beaches467
7/31/2023S2Race to Sanctuary of the Sands to South Beach427.5

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