Marine Debris April 2023


Total lbs = 656 / Total hours = 65.5
~ Michele Klimczak

4/1/2023No ZoneMichele was away 4/1-4/7, then sick until 4/18
4/19/2023S2Compost to Race Point to Wilderness Point487.5
4/20/2023N1Airport to Ordinance to Silver Eel Cover to Little Stony & Hay Harbor Beaches; Devin arrived; toured Island326
4/20/2023N6South Dumpling Beaches162
4/22/2023No ZoneSorting/Categorizing 02.5
4/22/2023E4Earth Day! Devin, Jeannie Getz, April White; Beach Past Big Club 613
4/23/2023S2South Beach233
4/24/2023E4Truck issues; Continue on beaches beyond Big Club w/ Devin1498.5
4/25/2023E4Truck issues; Continue on beaches beyond Big Club w/ Devin1988.5
4/26/2023N5Clay Point road beaches to Hungry Point587.5
4/27/2023No ZoneTruck getting repaired; Sorting/photographing at shed04
4/28/2023N6South Dumpling to Dock Beach285
4/30/2023N1Airport Beaches to Ordinance to Silver Eel to Little Stony265
4/30/2023S2South Beach- Rain173

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