Skiff moth

skiff moth

Common Name: Skiff moth

Scientific Name: Prolimacodes badia

Season: One generation, with adults from May to June and caterpillars by July.

Food: Caterpillars feed on a variety of woody plants, including birch, blueberry, cherry, chestnut, oak, poplar, and willow.

Ecology: The common name of the moth refers to the shape of this caterpillar, whose shape bears resemblance to a boat, or skiff. Caterpillars have small white spots that resemble dead leaf tissue, helping them hide on the undersides of leaves from predators. Unlike other caterpillars of this family, which sting when touched, the skiff moth caterpillar releases foul smelling liquid when alarmed. Caterpillars overwinter as pupae.

Doug Tallamy Photo