The Great black-backed gull (“GBB” for my data sheet) is the great big gull of the world’s oceans.

Here on Island, I have continued to document their small colonies (up to 6-12 ) and now have a better view into their lives during our “off season”- when they are very much “on”!

Hungry Points east haulout (rock clumps) is home for local GBBs-these winter months they don’t have to battle it out over squatters rights with the Cormorants. Middle Farms Pond always attracts GBBs when the ice has melted-smack in the center of the pond is their “sweet spot” for months. Far off shore south side around Isabella numerous smaller flocks are counted by binocular scan.

They have been compared to raptors without talons; being fairly aggressive when it comes to hunting. So it’s not unusual for these gulls to take out an Eider duck or two especially in open waters.

 It’s middle of March in West Harbor and the beginning of breeding season. Today, I spied this “fourth winter” (dark plumage) adult pair and it looks to me like “Love is in the air…..”